Blast from the past

I'm trying to start blogging again. I'm going to be here, Likeisaid at KCL, when I'm not here. I'm really having a hard time getting motivated but over at KCL I can work on layouts again and that's one of my favorite things to do, and it has a front page.

This was already posted there...

Today I decided to clean out my AOL favorites and get rid of all the old JS links. It still makes me sad to see the old names of journals and remember all the good times we had. Some are gone for good, I guess, and I miss them. I especially miss Silver-and-gold. Does he have a blog here or somewhere else?

So anyway, I ran across this link, Journalspace. I think it's a website that kept up with the activity on JS at some time. Anyway, I clicked on the link that said Wayback machine - see how looked in the past. Oh boy, talk about turning on the waterworks! I saw the front pages and the old names and it made me very sad. Then I thought about KCL and how it's getting more and more like JS and I'm fine now.

I just thought you all might like a "Blast from the Past."