Blast from the past

I'm trying to start blogging again. I'm going to be here, Likeisaid at KCL, when I'm not here. I'm really having a hard time getting motivated but over at KCL I can work on layouts again and that's one of my favorite things to do, and it has a front page.

This was already posted there...

Today I decided to clean out my AOL favorites and get rid of all the old JS links. It still makes me sad to see the old names of journals and remember all the good times we had. Some are gone for good, I guess, and I miss them. I especially miss Silver-and-gold. Does he have a blog here or somewhere else?

So anyway, I ran across this link, Journalspace. I think it's a website that kept up with the activity on JS at some time. Anyway, I clicked on the link that said Wayback machine - see how looked in the past. Oh boy, talk about turning on the waterworks! I saw the front pages and the old names and it made me very sad. Then I thought about KCL and how it's getting more and more like JS and I'm fine now.

I just thought you all might like a "Blast from the Past."

Just my luck

I love this...

Aliensong (I will survive) - ?

Speaking of birthdays...

Today is my sister's 50th birthday! She sure doesn't look her age. She's my baby sister and I'm very proud of her. She's a wonderful wife and mom to two teenage boys.

Happy Birtday, dear sister.


I love you, Sally!

Spring is here, new life begins

I always look forward to Spring and the coming of the eagle cams! Right now there are cameras on two nests in BC. I can't wait to see the little eaglets emerge from their shells and start to grow. It's been something I've looked forward to every Spring since 2006.

Here's the Sidney mom and dad. They take turns sitting on the two eggs and bringing their mate food while they brood.

And here's the Hornby Island mom (or dad, it's hard to tell sometimes) waiting to be relieved for a while. They have one egg but we're expecting another any day.


It's so interesting, and sometimes heartbreaking, to watch the little ones grow and learn to fly. Last year was too exciting. If you remember I posted about the eaglet falling out of the nest and other things. I hope this year is calm.

This is the link to the forum. If you want to watch the cams just click on live cams.
Eagle forum

Shoes, and other things...

While I was looking for layouts I saw this one and it reminded me of Kate and her collection of great shoes so I just had to use it. I like making my own layouts but it's just too much of a problem here but I thought this one was cute. I happen to love shoes and have a closet full (even though I haven't been able to wear them for a while)...

I see more and more of our old JS buddies are posting at KCL so I'm going to start posting there also. It seems a lot more intimate and the guy who developed it really seems to care. So I'll still be here, or there, or somewhere...

I just don't want to lose my friends!

Have a great week.

Hello again

Hi, everyone! I'm really trying to get back to posting but it's a slow process for me. It's kind of like a group of people who are very close who live in a small town and then they're all moved to a big city. Even though they still care about each other it's harder to stay in touch and keep that closeness. At least that's how it is for me. Maybe someday it will feel like home again.

I'm trying to get back on my feet. My foot that was broken feels funny on the floor and it's very hard for me to get back in the process of walking without the boot. I have no problem with the support of the boot but without it I feel so vulnerable, like it's going to collapse and I'll fall, which I did this morning. I was walking back from the bathroom, very gingerly, and tripped. Not being too steady anyway, I fell to the floor and twisted my good foot underneath me, breaking a toe. It's all black and swollen and hurts like crazy! Now I can't walk again without pain. If it ain't one thing it's another!

Since I've been housebound so much I've spent a lot of time playing Qwerty on Pogo. It's like Scrabble and really gives your brain a good workout. I met a great lady months ago and we've become good friends. We usually meet several times a week and talk and play Qwerty together. She's like a long-lost family member. I've told her all my troubles and we're still friends! She's lived in Turkey for many years and it's so interesting to hear about things there, things that I'll never see. She also has a blog here on blogger. Her name is Spot, the turkey. :) She has a lot of great recipes and now has a fun food survey there. Go check it out. I filled mine out and will post it later.

So that's about all that's going on here; more pain in my other foot, Molly's on new pain medicine and we're crossing our fingers that it works and doesn't hurt her, Paul's taking care of things as much as he can, I'm getting ready to get back in the world, and so on. I'll be around to visit everyone and try to catch up.

Have a great weekend!

A quick hello

Hi to all,

I've been thinking about all of you every day and trying to get myself motivated to join the gang again. I don't know why but it seems much harder to really get excited about posting now. I remember all the happy days when I would sit for hours, first learning HTML and then working on my journals. I really did have some bad ones at the start, but they progressed. My last one, the Christmas snowmen, was one of my best and it was the one that I remember the most because it crashed and burned along with JS and the memories.

Anyway, not to bring all that up again, it's just been on my mind lately. I look at the HTML here and don't even want to bother with it. I do read your journals now and then and wish that I was back in the loop so maybe I'll start trying to accomplish that. If we only had the front page again, that's what I miss the most!

We're doing OK here, just trying to get by. I'm still struggling with my foot, it isn't well yet, and Molly had to have surgery yesterday so that was very traumatic. She's doing better today but the vet found that her liver has a problem from the pain meds so she had to stop them immediately. Poor baby just can't get a break. :(

Lady had a bad asthma/allergy attack the other day and we thought she would never start breathing again but she finally did. The vets have all said there's nothing we can do but it seems that something should help. I just wonder why they all seem to act like - it's just an animal, no biggie - they're our family! I think the whole world has gone crazy. Or maybe it's just me...

So I'm going to spend tomorrow just reading journals and trying to catch up with everyone. I do miss you and you're always in my thoughts and prayers.

Be back tomorrow, I promise!

Hugs to all,



Today is our anniversary. Last night we were discussing the fact that it's our 25th anniversary and that's a big one. We decided that we would get a silver anniversary clock or matching silver bracelets. After all, 25 years is a long time!

This morning while I was eating breakfast Paul sat down and said, "Sugar, we made a little mistake." I immediately thought something was wrong and started having an anxiety attack...

I asked him what it was. He said, "We've been married 26 years, not 25."

I started counting - married in 1983 and it's 2009...

He's right, last year was our Silver Anniversary and we missed it. That explains a lot. We don't even know how long we've been married!

I started crying. Paul tried to comfort me, telling me that we've had so many problems it's no wonder that we miscounted. I told him that if it's that unimportant we should get a divorce. He didn't like that very much. I don't know why...

If I was in his shoes - being married to me - I would take off running!

My adventurous day

Today was shower day, always traumatic because even though I have a stool I have to stand up sometimes and balancing on one leg is treacherous. I can just see me falling and breaking something else!

So Paul said, why don't you take a bath in the Jacuzzi? It's big and you could just lounge around and read and soak for a while. I thought about that. It involved getting upstairs but we solved that problem. We figured out that if I took it easy I could do it. I decided I had to scoot up the stairs one step at a time. I had to go a few steps and rest, go a few more and rest, but I made it.

Paul had it all set up for me. The soap, shampoo, good smelling body wash, my book and Dr. Pepper were all setting on the ledge. The bath was run, smelling wonderful. It's a big one, big enough for four people. Don't ask me why! By the way, there's never been more than two people in it... :)

I got in and it was Heaven! I leaned back, enjoying the warmth and the smells. I soaked a while, scrubbed a while, lay back and read and drank Dr. Pepper. I wanted to stay there all day! Paul kept popping in to see if I was all right or wanted to get out. I kept saying just leave me alone and let me enjoy this. So he got the phone and told me to call when I was ready to get out. After a while I called, he got me out, I moisturized, blow dried my hair (which is long and scraggly again) and felt like a new person!

Back on with the boot/cast, scoot down the steps on my butt and fall into bed and sleep a couple of hours. He woke me up to eat and here I am.

We don't have a penny to our name but we have a Jacuzzi! And I'm going to use it every other day. At least while I'm incapacitated like I am now. It was worth the trip upstairs.

So that's my story. A good day for a change!

I'm getting tired of this

How long does it take for a broken foot to heal? First they said there was one broken bone then on closer inspection they found another fracture. It still swells after I've been up a while and the bruises are still there. Part of my foot is black but not quite as black as it was. My right side is so sore from trying to carry all the weight with the walker. I can't go very far with it so Paul has to push me in the wheelchair. I'm just totally miserable. Especially when I get tired so easily because of my heart problem. Paul has to do everything, even help me take a shower and that's a job, believe me. By the time I'm through I'm totally exhausted.

Oh well, I didn't mean to whine or complain, I'm just so tired. It hurts to sit in this chair so much because of the heavy boot/cast that's making that hip sore. That's why I'm not writing as much. I just feel like giving up sometimes but Paul gets so upset when I say that and I don't really mean it. I'll fight until I can't fight anymore but I'm really depressed right now.

Blogger isn't cooperating with me today, I can't get pictures to load so I can't fill up that second space. It's a challenge working with this after all I learned from JS that I can't use here. Oh well, such is life.

I hope you're all having a better week than I am. Doctor visit tomorrow or the next day to see if my foot is getting any better. It sure doesn't feel like it.

Happy Wednesday.

Strange but true...

My sister Sal called today and told me to go and read Kate's journal because she knows about all the strange happenings in this house. Some of you may remember when I wrote an entry describing some of the bad things that happened. They immediately started happening again so I deleted the entry from my journal and my hard drive and they stopped. What started happening after I broke my foot is not scary, it's a little humorous until you stop and really think about it.

Lisa bought Molly an Eeyore toy that talks. It was Molly's favorite. She lugged it around everywhere and kept making it talk. Then Lisa bought a talking rat and Molly transfered her affection to that and left Eeyore alone for a while but she always went back to him.

One night we were sitting here and Eeyore was in the kitchen. He started talking. We looked at each other and Paul said his mechanism was probably messed up. He picked him up and put him on a shelf under the microwave. He talked for a while then he shut up. Molly wouldn't have anything to do with him, she acted afraid of him.

This went on for a few days, Eeyore would just start talking now and then. There's times that he's silent for a long time and then there he goes again. We brushed it off as his talking thing being broken.

Then the other night Paul went to the store. It was quiet here, the TV was on low, then all of a sudden Eeyore starts talking and it kind of spooked me but I thought, oh well...then out of the dining room more toys started talking; the goat bleated, the rat squeaked, the kitten was like a chorus of talking toys. I was so totally freaked by the time Paul got home I was almost in tears and I was stranded in my desk chair because the wheelchair was in the kitchen. Paul heard them talking, turned white, and then they immediately stopped! Now Molly stays away from all of them. It's like she senses that "something" is making them talk. Because of the history of this house we're afraid to throw them away. I can't explain why because I'm afraid to.

That is my strange but true story and it's mild for this house!

No, I'm not over it...

I was doing all right, read my last post, until I wandered over to my friend's journal and saw a video that she made when we had JS Appreciation Day. I sat here and cried like a baby. Even Paul got choked up. I started thinking about JS.

I've told this before but I feel like telling it again...

My sister Paula found JS and then my other sister, Sally, started writing there. They both begged me to start a journal but I didn't want to. It seemed silly to write things online for everyone to read. But they finally got me to open one. It sat for almost a year before I got up the nerve to write. It helped that they already had friends there so I was welcomed by a few right away. Three of my very first commentors were Charm, Wizzy and Roz. I started getting the hang of it and then found many more friends.

Soon I was writing daily. Then I found out that it was possible to change your layout. I started changing it practically every day. It took a lot of trial and error but I loved it. It became a daily thing to work on layouts and write about my life. Some I wish I hadn't written but it's gone now, anyway. I have a very private journal about my life that only my sisters and children will see after I'm gone.

JS was slow, some journals I was never able to get in regularly. The new and improved "Peanut" was a mess at first but as long as I had the Nostalgia Corner I didn't mind. We had unscheduled maintenance a lot, most of the time when I had something I really wanted to write. Close to the end PM's were very slow, sometimes I couldn't even use them. I should have backed up when all this started getting more frequent but, hey, JS had it's ups and downs but it always came back. Nothing could take my JS away.

Sadly, something did and it's gone. I had passed my 65,000 readers mark and was going to announce who it was. It was Benb. Thank you, Ben for being one of my milestones.

So tonight I'm really missing JS. I made many friends there (and as far as I know only one enemy) but there's a few that I suppose I'll never hear from again. Two who were very dear to me were Benny and Ana-I-M-G. They had stopped writing because of the new system but we were very close. I got a Christmas card from Ana and now I'll write her back and tell her about JS. I miss Harry and wish we could find him. I hate when people you're close to just disappear.

Like I said, (I really miss that name, too), I like blogspot but it just doesn't feel like home. Maybe it will someday, and maybe not.

Goodbye JS, thanks for the memories.

I'm almost over it...

I like this place. It's fast, it's easy to navigate, and other than the fact that I can't do my layouts almost from scratch like I did on JS I really like it here! I do miss the homepage and the friends and favorites but the blog list shows you when people update, even on other sites. I think about how sometimes it would take forever for JS to load and how I wrote for help several times and only once did I get an answer and I'm beginning to not miss JS. I'll always have a place in my heart for it because I found so many friends there, but it was very poorly run and then when it died, we're all just history.

So on to bigger and better things!

If your name isn't in my list it's because I'm not finished yet. It takes a while to get things together but I'm trying.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

Starting a new year

It started off with a bang. I watched the ball fall in Times Square then I called Paul on the phone in the bedroom and said Happy New Year. He mumbled same to you, I'll be there in a minute. Three hours later he's still sleeping and I'm struggling with the wheelchair and the walker, trying to get to the bathroom and bed. He was so sick last night I almost called 911 but he perked up a little today. I think taking care of me is wearing him out. I do as much as I can without help but that isn't much. I have a one-legged shuffle that takes me here and there but I'm scared to death that I'll fall and break something else! I wish we could hire someone to help out for a while. Oh well, things happen.

Usually at midnight on New Year's Eve we have a bowl of blackeyed peas and a glass of wine or champagne. This year we skipped it. We haven't even eaten the blackeyed peas yet. Paul got some but we both commented that we've eaten them every year and look at all that's happened! I don't know, I guess we'll have a spoonful just because.

I'm getting used to this place but I sure miss the home page and the comments. Slowly but surely I'm finding my friends, most of them anyway. Some I guess will just disappear. All the addresses I had in PMs that I meant to write down and kept forgetting, now they're gone. :(

All I can say is, life goes on.

I hope we can all manage to stay together and not lose touch. My email is, just in case. Ross was my grandfather and Mirum was my grandmother. It's a nostalgic screenname. :)

Take care and onward and upward!